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Professor Steve Cobbold (Senior Scientist)

Steve Cobbold's Home Page
Steve is interested in the mechanisms of peripheral tolerance, and ways of generating tolerance as a therapeutic procedure. Most recently he has been working on identifying the molecular mechanisms of linked suppression and infectious tolerance. He has recently identified an important role for nutrient sensing, particularly of essential amino acids, as a mechanism of immune regulation and stability of regulatory T cells.

He does quite a lot of analysis of T-cell subsets by up to 9 colour FACS, sorting and cloning, with Liz Adams (also you should see Steve if you wish to use the TIG FACSCalibur with 96 well plate autosampler facilities.)

Steve also recently corordinated a successful Departmental application for an ImageStreamX machine, which is essentially a high resolution fluorescent microscope combined with a flow cytometer, which can provide quantitative analysis of fluorescent images in up to 10 simultaneous colours and collect up to 2000 images per second with a resolution down to 0.3micron/pixel.

He has also written various software for the lab, including a complete suite of sofware for SAGE (and microarray) analysis, some of which can be downloaded.

 Steve Cobbold's Publications.
Google Scholar Profile

Sue Humm

Sue is now the contact person for technical issues and orders within the TIG group, having taken over from our previous lab manager (Mark Frewin), although being officially retired she now only works 3 days a week (usually Tuesday-Thursday). Sue's expertise is particularly in large scale tissue culture - especially the production of large quantites of monoclonal antibodies for in vivo use using a "home grown" system of hollow fibre bioreactors. She also does purification and testing of monoclonal antibodies, and is Steve's deputy for the TIG FACScan facilities.
Sue is also looking after the TaqMan machines for quantitative real-time RT-PCR.

Liz Adams

Liz is a post-doc focussed on murine models of peripheral tolerance to skin grafts using CD4 and CD8 antibodies in vivo. She is also looking at the mechanisms of linked suppression both in vivo and in vitro. She has "green fingers" when it comes to cloning of tolerant and naive T-cells, and is analysing Th1, Th2, Tr1, Th9 and foxP3+ Treg subsets ex vivo, using ELISAs, bioassays and cytoplasmic staining with 4 colour FACS analysis for cytokines including IFN-gamma, IL-4, IL-10, IL-9 and TNF-alpha. She is also looking at the role of mast cells in tolerance and their relationship to Tr1 and Th9 cells. She continues to determine, together with Steve, the requirements for inducing foxP3 and regulatory activity by anti-CD4 blockade in vitro and in vivo.

Giovanni Piotti

Giovanni is a renal transplant physician who is spending a couple of years with our group as part of his studies for a PhD in Milan, Italy. He will be working on model systems aimed at improving "physician guided reconstition" to encourage regulatory T cells and tolerance, particularly after T cell depletion with CAMPATH (alemtuzumab) for organ transplantation.

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Room 214.20.32 (Note change)
Tel: 44-(0)1865-275504

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