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Stephen P. Cobbold MA(Oxon) PhD(Cantab),
Professor of Cellular Immunology,

Therapeutic Immunology Group,
Sir William Dunn School of Pathology,
University of Oxford,
South Parks Road,
Oxford OX1 3RE.
Tel: (0)1865 275504
FAX: (0)1865 275501

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Steve Cobbold is currently the Professor of Cellular Immunology at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford. He initially studied Biochemistry in Oxford, but in 1979 he moved to the Department of Pathology in Cambridge, England, to develop immunosuppressive monoclonal antibodies during his Ph.D. under the supervision of Herman Waldmann. This, and his subsequent post-doctoral work during the 1980s in Cambridge, led to the first demonstrations of tolerance induction to proteins and then organ grafts using CD4 monoclonal antibodies in adult rodents. As part of the Waldmann group, he was also actively involved in the development of CAMPATH monoclonal antibodies and together with Geoff Hale set up the analysis of a registry of in vitro and in vivo T cell depletion data for clinical bone marrow transplantation that became known as the CAMPATH Users Group. During this time he also developed statistical methods for the analysis of antibody clusters as used in the 3rd Human CD Antigen Workshop (1987) and for the classification of veterinary reagents, and in 1993 he organised the first Canine Leukocyte Antigen Workshop (CLAW). From December '93 he worked for six months with Dr. Andrew Mellor at the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill (London) to initiate the "Toleramouse" project. Since that time, Prof. Cobbold has continued as a senior scientist within Professor Waldmann's
Therapeutic Immunology Group at the Sir William Dunn School as a University Research Lecturer and then, in 1999, a University Reader, where he continues to research the mechanisms of immune tolerance induction and maintenance with particular focus on the roles of regulatory T cells. He was also a scientific founder of TolerRx Inc., a company based in Boston to exploit CD4 and CD3 antibody induced tolerance therapies. Together with Geoff Hale and Peppy Rebello, he co-founded BioAnaLab Ltd., a company that performs contract research and diagnostic testing for the biopharmaceutical industry, which was successfully sold to Millipore in 2009. He has published more than 250 articles and patents on the therapeutic applications of monoclonal antibodies and the mechanisms of transplantation tolerance. He recently suffered end stage renal failure and received a reciprocal paired donation kidney transplant with CAMPATH induction – perhaps the ultimate in clinical translation of his work?

From scientist to patient and back again – the ultimate in clinical translation? Steve’s research career has been in transplantation and he was part of the team that developed CAMPATH, the first humanised therapeutic antibody. He recently received a live, paired donation kidney transplant together with CAMPATH treatment to reduce the chances of rejection. Read Full Story.

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Other interests:

Off Piste in Val D'Isere


I am a keen skier, and try to get to the the Alps for at least 3 weeks during the season. My favourite resort is Val D'Isere because of the wide variety of on and off-piste skiing and the reliable snow from November through to April. If you want to get the best from skiing in L'Espace Killy and to brush up on your technique too, I would strongly recommend
Max Leclerc who can not only guide and instruct you but make your time on the slopes great fun too. He is particularly good if you are a bit nervous or are recovering from an injury.


Despite getting on a bit and struggling with chronic renal failure I still love to play squash, both in the Oxford University Staff box leagues and Oxford County League Team squash (when all the better players are injured or away!).


Butterflies on Video - how I like to relax in the summer.

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