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Paul Fairchild's Stem Cell Sciences Group is now independent from the TIG, but continues to maintain close links and collaborations

The Stem Cell Sciences Group is part of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute

Paul Fairchild (Group Leader)

Paul has research interests in T-cell repertoire selection, the immunobiology of dendritic cells and strategies for immune intervention in autoimmune disease, particularly utilizing stem cell technologies.

Paul's group are developing strategies for the generation of genetically-modified dendritic cells or other tissues, derived fromm embryonic stem cells, for use in immunotherapy. This approach may enable the production of dendritic cells over-expressing molecules such as FasL or in which genes critical to the immune response, such as the p40 subunit of IL-12 has been knocked out by homologous recombination. The possibility of using engineered dendritic cells to alter the course of transplant rejection, autoimmune disease and tumour growth is currently being investigated.

 Paul's publications

Tim Davies

Tim acts as the Stem Cell Sciences Group laboratory manager, and has particular expertise incuding the derivation of new embryonic stem (ES) cell lines.

Kate Silk

Kate is a post-doc working to develop human ES cell derived dendritic cells.

Naoki Ichiryu

Naoki is a D.Phil student who is working on immune privilege using embryonic stem cell derived tissues. She is particularly interested in the role of amino acid catabolism as a mechanism of "immune privilege".

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Tel: 44-(0)1865-275606

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