Transcription factories in a Hela cell [from Cook PR (1999) Science 284, 1790]

Nuclear Structure and Function Research Group


Welcome to the Cook group (contacts). News: Cristian Soitu wins HFSP cross-disciplinary fellowship.
Peter Cook has retired, but is still engaged in research as an 'Honorary Researcher' and 'Emeritus Professor' in two main areas:

A model for genome organization and gene regulation

1. "A theory of everything'' in the field of genome organization and gene regulation: 'Transcription-driven genome organization'.

This 5-min YouTube movie shows how we think RNA polymerases work, how genes are regulated, and how genomes are organized.

Fluid walls can confine different volumes

2. Microfluidics with fluid walls: Latterly, we have been developing simple ways of doing microfluidics – 'Freestyle Fluidics' for flowing applications, and 'GRIDs' (left) for static ones. We hope these will transform the way small volumes are handled.

iotaSciences Ltd – a company spun-out from The University of Oxford – is commercializing this technology.

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