Transcription factories in a Hela cell [from Cook PR (1999) Science 284, 1790]

Nuclear Structure and Function Research Group

Model for all genomes Welcome to the Cook group (contacts).

Movie: This 5-min YouTube movie shows how we think an RNA polymerase works, how genes are regulated, and how the genome is organized.


'Why the activity of a gene depends on its neighbors': a mini-review outlining how genomes are organized, and how genes are regulated.


Congratulations to Hiroshi Kimura (Tokyo Tech), who has won The Robert Feulgen Prize, 2015 (awarded annually by the Society for Histochemistry to mid-career scientists for "an outstanding achievement in the field of histochemistry"). He is the third alumnus of Peter Cook's group to win it, following Francisco J Iborra (CNB, Madrid) and Ana Pombo (MDC, Berlin).

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