Transcription factories in a Hela cell [from Cook PR (1999) Science 284, 1790]

Nuclear Structure and Function Research Group

Model for all genomes Welcome to the Cook group (contacts).

'A theory of everything'' in the field of genome organization and gene regulation: 'Transcription-driven genome organization'.
This 5-min YouTube movie shows how we think an RNA polymerase works, how genes are regulated, and how the genome is organized.


'Microfluidics with fluid walls': We are developing simple ways of doing microfluidics – 'Freestyle Fluidics' for flowing applications, and 'GRIDs' (analogs of microtiter plates) for static ones (movies).
We hope these two platforms will transform the way small volumes are handled, especially in cell biology.
iotaSciences Ltd – a company spun-out from The University of Oxford – is commercializing this technology.


Support: MRC, iotaSciences Ltd
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