Sort rates and times on the FACSort (FACSCaliber)

Percentage of total events being sorted 3+ 8+ 15+ 24+ 40+ 60+
Actual maximum sort rate (cells/sec)*2050100200300(400)
Number of sorted cells required ** Time to Sort inminutes.
20,000 2084211
50,000 50189532
100,000 1003417964
200,000 200683417119
500,000 --17085422821
1,000,000 ------855642
5,000,000 --------280 (4h:40m)210 (3h:30m)
10,000,000 Forget it use a FACSVantage or MoFlow!

* the maximum sort rate is limited by the abort rate increasing as a smaller proportion of events is being sorted. This means that a total event rate of 2000/second usually generates the fastest sort rate regardless of the proportion being sorted. All figures are base on the EXCLUSION MODE.

** these cell numbers assume 100% recovery - in practice expect 60-90% yields after spinning down.

Remember that you will need 1 x 50ml tube for every 9 minutes of sort time regardless of the sort rate. So if you really want to try and sort 5,000,000 cells over 4 hours 40 mins then have 32 coated tubes ready!

This page last updated by Steve Cobbold 24th February 1999.