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Tone, M., Tone, Y., Adams, E., Yates, SF., Frewin, M., Cobbold, SP., Waldmann, H.
Mouse glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor ligand is costimulatory for T cells
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. published online before print.
Tone M, Tone Y, Babik JM, Lin CY, Waldmann H.
The Role of Sp1 and NF-kB in Regulating CD40 Gene Expression.
J Biol Chem. 277(11): 8890-7.
Tone M, Tone Y, Fairchild PJ, Wykes M, Waldmann H.
Regulation of CD40 function by its isoforms generated through alternative splicing.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Feb 13;98(4):1751-6.
Fairchild PJ, Brook FA, Gardner RL, Graca L, Strong V, Tone Y, Tone M, Nolan KF, Waldmann H.
Directed differentiation of dendritic cells from mouse embryonic stem cells.
Curr Biol. 2000 Nov 30;10(23):1515-8.
Powell MJ, Thompson SA, Tone Y, Waldmann H, Tone M.
Posttranscriptional regulation of IL-10 gene expression through sequences in the 3'-untranslated region.
J Immunol. 2000 Jul 1;165(1):292-6.
Tone M, Powell MJ, Tone Y, Thompson SA, Waldmann H.
IL-10 gene expression is controlled by the transcription factors Sp1 and Sp3.
J Immunol. 2000 Jul 1;165(1):286-91.
Fairchild, P.J., Tone, M. Strong, V., and Nolan, K.F.
Spanning innate and adaptive immunity: a role for interleukin-18.
Int. Rev. Immunol. in the press.
Tone M, Nolan KF, Walsh LA, Tone Y, Thompson SA, Waldmann H.
Structure and chromosomal location of mouse and human CD52 genes.
Biochim Biophys Acta. 1446(3):334-40.
Gilliland, L.K., Walsh, L.A., Frewin, M.R., Wise, M.P., Tone, M., Hale, G., and Waldmann, H.
Elimination of the immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies.
J. Immunol. 162: 3663-3671.
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Babik, J.M., Adams, E., Tone, Y., Fairchild, P.J., Tone, M., and Waldmann, H.
Expression of murine IL-12 is regulated by translational control of the p35 subunit
J. Immunol. 162: 4069-4078.
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Tone, M., Diamond. L.E., Wlash, L.A., Thompson, S.A.J., Shanahan, E.M., Logan, J.S., and Waldmann, H.
High level transcription of the complement regulatory protein CD59 requires an enhancer located in intron 1.
J. Biol. Chem. 274: 710-716.
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Tone, M., Thompson, S.A.J., Tone, Y., Fairchild, P.J. & Waldmann, H.
Regulation of interleukin-18 (interferon- - inducing factor) gene expression.
J. Immunol. 159(12): 6156-63.
Tone-Y; Thompson-SAJ; Babik-JM; Nolan-KF; Tone-M; Raven-C; Waldmann-H
Structure and chromosomal location of the mouse interleukin-12 p35 and p40 subunit genes.
Eur-J-Immunol. 1996; 26: 1222-7.
Kooyman-DL; Byrne-GW; McClellan-S; Nielsen-D; Tone-M ; Waldmann-H; Coffman-TM; McCurry-KR; Platt-JL; Logan-JS
In vivo transfer of GPI-linked complement restriction factors from erythrocytes to the endothelium.
Science. 1995 Jul 7; 269(5220): 89-92
van-der-Merwe-PA; Barclay-AN; Mason-DW; Davies-EA; Morgan-BP; Tone-M ; Krishnam-AK; Ianelli-C; Davis-SJ
Human cell-adhesion molecule CD2 binds CD58 (LFA-3) with a very low affinity and an extremely fast dissociation rate but does not bind CD48 or CD59.
Biochemistry. 1994 Aug 23; 33(33): 10149-60
Diamond-LE; Oldham-ER; Platt-JL; Waldmann-H; Tone-M ; Walsh-LA; Logan-JS
Cell- and tissue-specific expression of a human CD59 minigene in transgenic mice.
Transplant-Proc. 1994 Jun; 26(3): 1239
Walsh-LA; Tone-M ; Thiru-S; Waldmann-H
The CD59 antigen--a multifunctional molecule.
Tissue-Antigens. 1992 Nov; 40(5): 213-20
Tone-M ; Walsh-LA; Waldmann-H
Gene structure of human CD59 and demonstration that discrete mRNAs are generated by alternative polyadenylation.
J-Mol-Biol. 1992 Oct 5; 227(3): 971-6
Xia-MQ; Tone-M ; Packman-L; Hale-G; Waldmann-H
Characterization of the CAMPATH-1 (CDw52) antigen: biochemical analysis and cDNA cloning reveal an unusually small peptide backbone.
Eur-J-Immunol. 1991 Jul; 21(7): 1677-84
Walsh-LA; Tone-M ; Waldmann-H
Transfection of human CD59 complementary DNA into rat cells confers resistance to human complement.
Eur-J-Immunol. 1991 Mar; 21(3): 847-50

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