Antibodies produced in Bioreactors

Amounts of monoclonal antibodies made in the Dunn School "Home Made" Cartridges

(Period of 34 Months to Sept 1997)

Antibody	Specificity	Parent		Isotype		Amount (g)

YTS 105.18 Mouse CD8a Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2a 14.7 YTC 182.2 Human CD8a Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 8.4 YTS Mouse CD4 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2a 7.2 YTA 3.1.2 Mouse CD4 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 6.8 11B11 Mouse IL-4 Mouse?Sp2/0? Rat IgG1 6.3 YTS 191.1.2 Mouse CD4 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 5.8 YTC 141.1 Human CD8a Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 5.6 YTS 156.7.7 Mouse CD8b Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 10.2 YTS 169HL Mouse CD8a Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 5.3 MTF 171 Mouse CD8a Y3 transfected Human IgG1(ag) 4.3 C178-20 Mouse IL-12 Mouse? Rat IgG1 3.2 YCATE 55.9 Canine CD8 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG1 3.2 KT3.1.1 Mouse CD3 Y3? Rat IgG2a 3.0 MEL 14 Mouse Selectin P3X63Ag8 Rat IgG2a 2.7 TFCD18Ag Human CD18 NS0 transfected Human IgG1(ag) 2.4 JES5-2A5 Mouse IL-10 Mouse? Rat IgG1 2.8 PK 136 Mouse NK1.1 Mouse Sp2/0 Mouse IgG2a 0.7 30H12 Mouse Thy-1.2 Mouse?X63? Rat IgG2b 0.5 MR1 Mouse CD40L Mouse? Hamster IgG 2.0 NORIG 7.16 Rat IgG2b NS0 Mouse IgG 4.4 XMG1.2 Mouse IFN-g NS0 Mouse IgG 3.4 YID 13.9 CAMPATH-Id Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG1 Approx 5g YKIX 302.9 Canine CD4 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2a 4.5 YTH 655.5 Human CD2 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 1.2 S4B6 Mouse IL-2 Mouse?X63? Rat IgG1 2.4 HB32 Mouse H-2Ek Mouse?X63? Mouse IgG 4.1 YMSM 59 Mouse CD30 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgM 2.5 YMSM 636 Mouse CD30 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 1.2 YLAG 77 Mouse LAG-3 Y3/Ag1.2.3 Rat IgG2b 0.8 C15.6.7 Mouse IL-12 Mouse? Rat IgG1 1.6

Total (g) Approx. 146.4g and 30 different antibodies

So far we are making an average of roughly 4gm of a new antibody every month - well done Sue!
It should be noted that we have not so far had much success with the following cell lines, mostly due to their poor levels of secretion or instability in large scale culture (even after re-cloning etc):

Desire: poor secretion (only produces well if mycoplasma positive!)
37.51 (hamster anti-mouse CD28): unstable - still trying to reclone
Aglycosyl hIgG1 CD3 transfectant: poor secretion
mCTLA4-IG transfectants: poor secretion
HB32 (mouse anti-mouse Ek): originally unstable but solved by recloning

NB: Overall final yield of purified antibody is roughly 18mg per litre of medium. In terms of medium costs, this equates to a current average of less than 120 pounds per gram.

Last updated 22.10.96