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Gilliland, L.K., Walsh, L.A., Frewin, M.R., Wise, M.P., Tone, M., Hale, G., and Waldmann, H.
Elimination of the immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies.
J. Immunol. 162: 3663-3671.
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Waldmann, H., Gilliland, L.K., Cobbold, S.P., and Hale, G.
in Fundamental Immunology, Fourth Edition., Ed. Paul, W.E.,
Lipincott-Raven Publishers, Philadelphia, Chapter 45: 1511-1533.
Hayden, MS., Gilliland, LK., and Ledbetter, JA.
Antibody engineering.
Curr. Opin. Immunol. 1997; 9(2): 210-12.
Ledbetter, JA., Francisco, JA., Siegall, CB., Gilliland, LK., et al.
Agonistic activity of a CD40-specific single-chain Fv constructed from the variable regions of mAb G28-5.
Crit. Rev. Immunol. 1997; 17(5-6): 427-35.
Hayden, MS., Grosmaire, LS., Norris, NA., Gilliland, LK., et al.
Costimulation by CD28 sFv expressed on the tumor cell surface or as a soluble bispecific molecule targeted to the L6 carcinoma antigen.
Tissue Antigens 1996; 48(4 Pt 1): 242-54.
Gilliland-LK; Norris-NA; Marquardt-H; Tsu-TT; hayden-MS; Neubauer-MG; Yelton-DE; Mittler-RS; Ledbetter-JA
Rapid and reliable cloning of antibody variable regions and generation of recombinant single chain antibody fragments.
Tissue Antigens 1996; 47: 1-20
Chalupny-NJ; Aruffo-A; Esselstyn-JM; Chan-PY; Bajorath-J; Blake-J; Gilliland-LK ; Ledbetter-JA; Tepper-MA
Specific binding of Fyn and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase to the B cell surface glycoprotein CD19 through their src homology 2 domains.
Eur-J-Immunol. 1995 Oct; 25(10): 2978-84
Francisco-JA; Gilliland-LK ; Stebbins-MR; Norris-NA; Ledbetter-JA; Siegall-CB
Activity of a single-chain immunotoxin that selectively kills lymphoma and other B-lineage cells expressing the CD40 antigen.
Cancer-Res. 1995 Jul 15; 55(14): 3099-104
Grossmann-A; Rabinovitch-PS; Kavanagh-TJ; Jinneman-JC; Gilliland-LK ; Ledbetter-JA; Kanner-SB
Activation of murine T-cells via phospholipase-C gamma 1-associated protein tyrosine phosphorylation is reduced with aging.
J-Gerontol-A-Biol-Sci-Med-Sci. 1995 Jul; 50(4): B205-12
Hayden-MS; Linsley-PS; Gayle-MA; Bajorath-J; Brady-WA; Norris-NA; Fell-HP; Ledbetter-JA; Gilliland-LK
Single-chain mono- and bispecific antibody derivatives with novel biological properties and antitumour activity from a COS cell transient expression system.
Ther-Immunol. 1994 Jan; 1(1): 3-15
Dietsch-MT; Chan-PY; Kanner-SB; Gilliland-LK ; Ledbetter-JA; Linsley-PS; Aruffo-A
Coengagement of CD2 with LFA-1 or VLA-4 by bispecific ligand fusion proteins primes T cells to respond more effectively to T cell receptor-dependent signals.
J-Leukoc-Biol. 1994 Oct; 56(4): 444-52
Dubois-PM; Andris-F; Shapiro-RA; Gilliland-LK ; Kaufman-M; Urbain-J; Ledbetter-JA; Leo-O
T cell long-term hyporesponsiveness follows antigen receptor engagement and results from defective signal transduction.
Eur-J-Immunol. 1994 Feb; 24(2): 348-54
Deans-JP; Schieven-GL; Shu-GL; Valentine-MA; Gilliland-LK ; Aruffo-A; Clark-EA; Ledbetter-JA
Association of tyrosine and serine kinases with the B cell surface antigen CD20. Induction via CD20 of tyrosine phosphorylation and activation of phospholipase C-gamma 1 and PLC phospholipase C-gamma 2.
J-Immunol. 1993 Nov 1; 151(9): 4494-504
Chalupny-NJ; Kanner-SB; Schieven-GL; Wee-SF; Gilliland-LK ; Aruffo-A; Ledbetter-JA
Tyrosine phosphorylation of CD19 in pre-B and mature B cells.
EMBO-J. 1993 Jul; 12(7): 2691-6
Diegel-ML; Moran-PA; Gilliland-LK ; Damle-NK; Hayden-MS; Zarling-JM; Ledbetter-JA
Regulation of HIV production by blood mononuclear cells from HIV-infected donors: II. HIV-1 production depends on T cell-monocyte interaction.
AIDS-Res-Hum-Retroviruses. 1993 May; 9(5): 465-73
Kiener-PA; Rankin-BM; Burkhardt-AL; Schieven-GL; Gilliland-LK ; Rowley-RB; Bolen-JB; Ledbetter-JA
Cross-linking of Fc gamma receptor I (Fc gamma RI) and receptor II (Fc gamma RII) on monocytic cells activates a signal transduction pathway common to both Fc receptors that involves the stimulation of p72 Syk protein tyrosine kinase.
J-Biol-Chem. 1993 Nov 15; 268(32): 24442-8
Schieven-GL; Kirihara-JM; Gilliland-LK ; Uckun-FM; Ledbetter-JA
Ultraviolet radiation rapidly induces tyrosine phosphorylation and calcium signaling in lymphocytes.
Mol-Biol-Cell. 1993 May; 4(5): 523-30
Gilliland-LK ; Schieven-GL; Norris-NA; Kanner-SB; Aruffo-A; Ledbetter-JA
Lymphocyte lineage-restricted tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins that bind PLC gamma 1 SH2 domains.
J-Biol-Chem. 1992 Jul 5; 267(19): 13610-6
Gilliland-LK ; Teh-HS; Uckun-FM; Norris-NA; Teh-SJ; Schieven-GL; Ledbetter-JA
CD4 and CD8 are positive regulators of T cell receptor signal transduction in early T cell differentiation.
J-Immunol. 1991 Mar 15; 146(6): 1759-65
Ledbetter-JA; Gilliland-LK ; Schieven-GL
The interaction of CD4 with CD3/Ti regulates tyrosine phosphorylation of substrates during T cell activation.
Semin-Immunol. 1990 Mar; 2(2): 99-106
Gilliland-LK ; Schieven-GL; Grosmaire-LS; Damle-NK; Ledbetter-JA
CD45 ligation in T cells regulates signal transduction through both the interleukin-2 receptor and the CD3/Ti T-cell receptor complex.
Tissue-Antigens. 1990 Mar; 35(3): 128-35
Gilliland-LK ; Norris-NA; Grosmaire-LS; Ferrone-S; Gladstone-P; Ledbetter-JA
Signal transduction in lymphocyte activation through crosslinking of HLA class I molecules.
Hum-Immunol. 1989 Aug; 25(4): 269-89
Gilliland-LK ; Clark-MR; Waldmann-H
Universal bispecific antibody for targeting tumor cells for destruction by cytotoxic T cells.
Proc-Natl-Acad-Sci-U-S-A. 1988 Oct; 85(20): 7719-23
Clark-M; Gilliland-L ; Waldmann-H
Hybrid antibodies for therapy.
Prog-Allergy. 1988; 45: 31-49
Clark-M; Gilliland-L ; Waldmann-H
The potential of hybrid antibodies secreted by hybrid-hybridomas in tumour therapy.
Int-J-Cancer-Suppl. 1988; 2: 15-7
Friend-PJ; Tighe-H; Lim-S; Collier-DS; Decurtins-M; Gilliland-LK ; Thiru-S; Calne-R; Waldmann-H
The use of monoclonal antibodies against activated human T cells following renal allografting in the baboon.
Transplant-Proc. 1987 Oct; 19(5): 4317-8

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