Backing up data to CD-ROM

There is now a CD-ROM writer attached to the Macintosh in Room 50, which can be used to backup all your data (FACS, sequences etc.). This method of backing up data should be used for all data on MOF disks, as these are not a reliable way to store data long term.

1) Copy all the files and folders you want to be backed up from your MOF, or via the Network, to one of the two external 2GB hard disks. (You cannot write to CD-ROM straight from the Network or MOF because they are not fast enough).

2) Run the Adaptec Toast CD-Writer software from the Apple Menu.

3) Copy your files by dragging them into the files window.

4) Check the following settings: ISO 9660 Format, CD-ROM XA and Allow Macintosh Filenames (these should be set by default).

5) Click Done.

6) Click Write CD (this machine can cope with 4x speed so no need to change).

7) The door will open so you can insert your blank CD, green side down.

8) Close the door by pressing gently and click Write Session.

9) Wait for the CD to be written and verified.

10) Eject you CD-ROM and delete your copied files on the external hard disk to make room for other people.

If you want more detailed instructions, or how to write multiple sessions then look in the Departmental Computing Help files.

Last updated by Steve Cobbold 6th August 1998.